Tuesday, January 28, 2014

New Countdown: Have no Fear! The COUNTDOWN is here!!!

Imagine Dragons and Kendrick Lamar at the 2014 Grammy Awards
Late again. It's beginning to feel like 2010, based on how awful I've been about the punctuality of this podcast. What can I say? Sometimes, life gets in the way. But this isn't going to derail anything so don't start getting those worries in your pretty little heads.

As it happened, being late allowed me to do more immediate Grammy coverage than I would have been able to do if I'd tried to report from NEXT Sunday. So I guess that's a blessing in disguise.

This countdown has a lot of bonus songs in it, very few of which I planned beforehand. It's not as much as LAST week's, but it's still a lot.

Countdown #182

Arctic Monkeys
Blink 182
Cage the Elephant
Imagine Dragons
The Neighbourhood
Pearl Jam
Twenty One Pilots
Vampire Weekend
The White Stripes
Young the Giant

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