Thursday, February 28, 2019

New Countdown (October 2018): Eyes on the Prize

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twentyonepilots. I just realized how appropriate this is for October
Hey. So the last time you heard me on this show, I was talking about switching up the format a little bit to catch up. Well this is the first episode of that and I think it went fairly well. I'm hoping to get these out with a fair amount of regularity, then get back to doing week-by-week. But holding this format in my back pocket if I might need it. Enjoy!

Countdown #398: October 2018

Bastille & Marshmello
Dennis Lloyd
Imagine Dragons
The Interrupters
Mike Mictlan
Mumford & Sons
Panic! At the Disco
The Revivalists
Walk the Moon

Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Cardi B & Bruno Mars "Please Me"

This song debuted at #5 this week. The video isn't available yet, so here's the audio!

I just listened to a podcast about their previous collaboration: The New Jack Swing throwback song "Finesse (Remix)" and it's interesting how this is also a90's Throwback feeling song!

Top Ten Tuesday: Ariana Grande "Break Up With Your Girlfriend, I'm Bored"

I'm going to do two separate posts because this should have gone up last week during a monumental week for the Hot 100. For the first time since 1964, the top 3 songs were all by one performer: Ariana Grande. I've featured the two other songs (7 Rings and Thank U Next) before, so here's the third

This song is pretty good. I'd put it behind thank u next but ahead of 7 rings.

Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Top Ten Twosday: Ariana Grande "7 Rings"and J. Cole "Middle Child"

So it looks like I haven't posted on here in almost a month which is wild, but don't worry. There are posts coming. Oh you better believe it. Keep watching this space. I missed TTT last week, so here's a twofer.

First, the Ariana Grande song that debuted at #1 last week. It's good. It feels a little like a sketch more than a complete song, but I only listened to it once, so I'm happy to be proven wrong on that take.

And then a J. Cole song that moves up 22 positions this week. No music video yet, but it's a pretty good song!