Sunday, March 22, 2009

Three things!

1. There are still several spots left on the mix CD I'm making. Don't be shy :) It's going to be fun! I've used my random integer generator (well it's not mine, but I use it when I need random numbers) to generate my two letters. Should I tell you what they are? ;-)

2. So, apparently, Bob Dylan is going to be releasing an album on April 28th (in America) called Together Through Life. Awesome :) Modern Times was so good and I'm hoping this is just as awesome. It seems like it just randomly showed up, though. I kind of like that though, it's like a nice little surprise.

3. Warped Tour this year. I'm pretty sure my sister doesn't read this (or know about it), so I feel confident that I won't be giving anything away if I spill the beans on here. It's my sister's 15th birthday on 4/1 and I thought it would be a fun gift to give her tickets to her first Warped Tour (and really first concert). So that's the plan. So, here is a list of the bands scheduled to play that I'm excited to see (of course the list of dates that these bands are playing hasn't been posted yet, so it might be that some of the following won't be there at our venue.

*Bad Religion
*Big D and the Kids Table (I've actually only heard a couple of songs by these guys, but I like what I hear and hey, it's a nice Boston ska band, what more can you ask for?)
*Bouncing Souls
*Escape the Fate (a buddy of mine just turned me on to these guys. The song "We Won't Back Down" is one of my current jams (and I would post it here, but I'm typing from my bedroom and the portable hard drive is in my office. If you can't find it, email me and I'll see that you get it)
*Flogging Molly
*Less than Jake (they WILL play "Scott Farcas Takes it On the Chin" this time or I swear to God, they'll regret it. No, I'm not making a threat. It's just that this will be like the 5th or 6th time seeing them and they've NEVER played it and I REALLY want them to!)
*Streetlight Manifesto
*The Ataris

The other thing is, unless they've changed the way they do it, they pick the schedule for each venue the morning of the show, so it could be that there are conflicts that will prevent me from seeing some of those. Also, my sister has bands that she wants to see that aren't listed above. So I'm hoping to get a good post out of this. And some good sibling bonding :)

Friday, March 13, 2009

Still Plenty of Room on the Mix...Plus a Moz Request!

So two quick things and then I'm off to work.

1. There is still PLENTY of space on the mix cd if you were interested in contributing some letters (see the previous post if you're wondering what I'm talking about) so don't be shy! Email me some letters :)

2. If anyone is in possession of the Morrissey songs "Tommorrow" and/or "The More You Ignore Me, The Closer I Get," and would let me have them, I think we could make some sort of quid pro quo arrangement. Email me if you're interested. This is for that collection I'm making of #1 Billboard Hot Modern Rock Songs that I mentioned a while back.

UPDATE: I have now gotten the Morrissey songs that I needed :)


Actually, I have one more thing. What concerts are people excited about this summer? I had planned on taking my sister (15) to her first Warped Tour, but it may be that the scheduling isn't going to work out. Any cool tours going around the U.S.? Any Festival type events in the Virginia/Maryland area this summer? Let me know :)

Have a great weekend everyone!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Mix CD Idea (A contest of sorts...)

Hi. It's been a while. Do I always start my posts that way? It seems so.

I've been thinking about something that one of my best friends did like 2.5 years ago over on LiveJournal. He basically asked people for a random pair of letters and he took that pair of letters and sent them a song that he thought they would like. I sent him TS and he sent me a great Carbon Leaf song called "Texas Stars"! Get it?

So what I propose is something like that. With a few slight twists. I'm going to make a mix CD. Based entirely on reader letter submissions. Ok, I might contribute my own, or I might not. I don't know yet. But anyways, then I'd send you the mix CD as a thank you for contributing! Here's what I'd like you to do:

Email me at with the following things:

1. Your name (I might already know you, but I might not!)
2. A letter or two or three that you want your song to start with
3. A mailing address for where you'd like your copy sent

Using the first 15 submissions I get, I'll make a mix!

I think this could be really fun! Let's see what we can come up with!