Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Top Ten Tuesday: Pitbull featuring Ke$ha "Timber"

I will readily admit that this song is on here today because it's the only song on the Top Ten that I haven't already featured.

I'm not a huge fan of either artist but I'll concede that the song is pretty catchy. I heard a statistic that this song is like 80% chorus, 15% instrumental, and 5% verses. Which is interesting. It means that the song is catchy because it's basically a chant of the catchy Ke$ha chorus over and over, spiced up with a couple of short verses by Pitbull. And yet she's only a featured artist. Interesting.

This isn't the worst song I've ever heard. I wonder how close to the release and popularity of Avicii's "Wake Me Up" this song was conceived. It could be a coincidence, but I think it's interesting to see another example of the dancification/hiphoptimization of the culture of country music.

Sunday, December 29, 2013

2013 Year-End Countdown!

Fitz and the Tantrums
Well here we are again at the Year End Countdown. It feels like we were just doing this last year. Not a lot of surprises here, but it's a very enjoyable show! Happy New Year everyone!

2013 Year End Countdown

Cage the Elephant
Capital Cities
Fitz & the Tantrums
Imagine Dragons
The Neighbourhood
Of Monsters and Men

Friday, December 27, 2013

One Year, 100 Albums: #53 Blood, Sweat, and Tears - Blood, Sweat, and Tears

Blood, Sweat & Tears Blood, Sweat & Tears, 1968

Fitting for this week, this album was a gift from my Dad for Christmas, I believe, if I'm not mistaken. It took me a little while to get into it, but by the time I was graduating from High School, this album was a classic in my mind.

The parts that initially appealed to me were the more rockin' parts like "More and More" and "Spinning Wheel" and the end of "Blues -- Part 2" but now I really appreciate the sheer instrumental skill of this band. They're equal parts jazz band and rock band I just love it.

This album is comfort food to me. It also introduced me to the works of Erik Satie (or, well, one work)

I'm really happy that YouTube had this video on it. Dig those retro video production values!

This song always reminds me of the credits to the Mary Tyler Moore show. I've never been quite sure why.

Blood, Sweat & Tears - Sometimes in Winter

You can buy Blood, Sweat & Tears at Amazon, Amazon MP3, and iTunes

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Throwback Thursday: 1992

10. Mary J. Blige - Real Love
9. The Heights - How Do You Talk to an Angel
8. Shanice - Saving Forever For You
7. Bobby Brown - Good Enough
6. Snap - Rhythm is a Dancer
5. PM Dawn - I'd Die Without You
4. Boyz II Men - In the Still of the Nite
3. Shai - If I Ever Fall In Love
2. Wreckx-N-Effect - Rump Shaker

On Thanksgiving, I posted a Throwback Thursday from 1996 for a song by BLACKstreet featuring Dr. Dre called "No Diggity". It starts with Dre's verse wherein he refers to "BLACKstreet and Teddy, the original Rump Shakers". And that's because Teddy Riley, the driving force behind BLACKstreet was also in Wreckx-N-Effect, whose biggest hit was the above video: "Rump Shaker".

You may ALSO remember the chorus from the song I played for Throwback Thursday 2008 (9/5/13), M.I.A.'s "Paper Planes" where the "Boom Boom Boom"s were replaced with gunshots and the "Zoom Zoom"s were replaced with cash register sounds.

Just to hit the song truly out of the park, the verse that Teddy raps (I believe he comes second. He says his name in the first line) was written by a young Pharrell Williams who was on Throwback Thursday 2003 (10/10/13) for his song featuring Jay-Z called "Frontin'"

So this song is like the Rosetta Stone for Throwback Thursday on this blog. Click the Throwback Thursday tag at the bottom of this post to see ALL of the songs featured so far!

1. Whitney Houston - I Will Always Love You

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

One Year, 100 Albums: #54 Bright Eyes - I'm Wide Awake, It's Morning

Bright Eyes I'm Wide Awake, It's Morning, 2005

I was introduced to Bright Eyes by the girl that appears in a lot of these posts. She was very influential on my music education because she was not shy about telling me what was great and what sucked. And her taste was pretty fantastic. I can't even count all the times when she would tell me about a band that would be HUGE 6 months later. It was very impressive.

The album she played me was Lifted, or The Story's in the Soil, Keep Your Ear to the Ground (which is just the kind of title that ropes me in. It's actually astounding that I'm not a bigger Fiona Apple fan) and specifically the song "Waste of Paint" which I still love and which my friend Andy, who was my roommate at the time time, almost certainly still hates (we played it a lot).

That girl graduated college and I started dating the girl that would become my wife and then Bright Eyes released their/his follow-up album. Actually, they/he released TWO follow-up albums. One, Digital Ash in a Digital Urn, had some interesting stuff on it, some really good songs, and one FANTASTIC song ("Arc of Time (Time Code)").

And then there was the other album. It was called I'm Wide Awake, It's Morning and it was eye-opening. This was Conor Oberst showing that everything you thought he'd mastered about making music, was only the beginning. He went for more of an alt-country sound (which he would continue to develop on subsequent albums) and it was amazing. It seemed almost..happy?

Of course there was still a lot of sad, and a lot of angry there, but it was filtered through a really beautiful screen and all the emotions were strengthened by it.

On the one end of the album's spectrum, you have the song I featured for the video. On the other end, you have the song I posted as a sample track from the album. And in between you have songs with and without Emmylou Harris. It all adds up to 10 tracks of a glorious rebirth for Bright Eyes. This album never fails to put a smile on my face.

Bright Eyes - Road to Joy

You can buy I'm Wide Awake, It's Morning at Saddle Creek Records, Amazon, Amazon MP3, and iTunes

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Top Ten Tuesday: One Direction "Story of My Life"

Ok, before you leave the blog forever, give me a chance to speak my case. 

I think that this song is pretty good, for starters, but I certainly recognize that it might not connect with a lot of my readers. 

So, maybe the follow-up point will: I think this is a cool music video. I love "Past/Present" pictures where people recreate old photos with the same participants and locations. And this does that in a very sweet way. I've included the Making Of video because some of the techniques were really interesting to me.

And, really, if you're going to leave the blog forever because of something I play on Top Ten Tuesday, then you really don't understand why I do Top Ten Tuesday.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

New Countdown: Jingle Bell Alternative Rock

Cage the Elephant (Christmas Edition)
I don't think it's possible to convey to you how excited I was to be able to find a picture of the band on the blog post's "cover" (which, as always, was randomly selected) with a Christmas tree on it. I guess miracle really do happen.

This was a fun one. What am I saying? They're all fun!

Merry Christmas everyone! I hope you get everything you wanted. And I'm not just saying that with regards to Christmas.

Countdown #179

Arctic Monkeys
Barenaked Ladies featuring Michael Buble
Cage the Elephant
Fitz & the Tantrums
Imagine Dragons
Linkin Park x Steve Aoki
The Neighbourhood
Panic! at the Disco featuring LOLO
Pearl Jam

Saturday, December 21, 2013

My Favorite 6 Albums of 2013 Told in 6 Videos.

I'm going to keep this very simple this year. Here is a video from a song each from my Top 6 albums of the Year. I couldn't quite come up with 10. Not that I didn't enjoy 10 albums this year. I just couldn't pick a 7-10. Make sense? Awesome.

6. Frightened Rabbit - Pedestrian Verse

5. Vampire Weekend - Modern Vampires of the City

4. Chance the Rapper - Acid Rap

3. Fall Out Boy - Save Rock and Roll

2. Run the Jewels - Run the Jewels

1. Dessa - Parts of Speech

Friday, December 20, 2013

One Year, 100 Albums: #55 NOFX - The War on Errorism

NOFX The War on Errorism, 2003

This is an album I bought during the period leading up to my final exams in my Spring Semester of SYoC. I remember because I listened to it a number of times in the study hall in the basement of the dorm I lived in that year. I did not get a lot of studying done. But I guess it turned out for the best.

The Fat Wreck Chords website informed me that this was the first NOFX album to be put out by them. Just to fill you in, Fat Mike is the singer and bass player for NOFX. And he runs Fat Wreck Chords. NOFX had, up until this album, been on Epitaph. Which is something that, if I was aware of it, I was not actively aware of it.

I like this album because of the way it blends pretty honed political criticism with the trademark NOFX subject matter (drinking, sex, punk rock, hating NOFX).

By now you should know the refrain of most of these posts so join in if you'd care to:

It has a varied sound and I can sing along to every song!

For the breakdown of songs that I'm featuring, the video is one of the political songs, the MP3's are two of the NOFXical songs.

I still think "We Got Two Jealous Agains" is a fantastic metaphor for the merging of two lives that comes with moving in with someone/getting married. Sadly (I guess? I don't know the full backstory on it) the most recent NOFX album had a song called "I've Got One Jealous Again, Again" which is funny and self-referential and devastating.

NOFX - Anarchy Camp
NOFX - We Got Two Jealous Agains

You can buy The War on Errorism from Fat Wreck Chords, Amazon, Amazon MP3, and iTunes

Thursday, December 19, 2013

6 Years Later.

Exactly 6 years ago, I hit "Publish" on the first post of this blog.

It was a very very wordy post and I kind of like that. Sometimes I'm wordy. :)

Things have drastically changed not only around this blog, but also around blogs in general. Only a handful of the Contrast Podcast music bloggers whose ranks I joined in '07 are still posting. And now there are a lot more collaborative blogs where teams of bloggers publish to one site, sometimes a dozen posts in a day, sometimes more.

I'm not going to puff up my chest and talk about how I was here before all that. Actually, funny story. Before this blog, I had a LiveJournal account (like a certain sliver of my generation did at the time), but before that, I tried to see if I could use Blogger. And I did NOT like it. Haha. I recently found my old LJ and scrolled all the way back to the beginning (something like 2003? 2004?) only to find myself ridiculing the blogging tool I later would decide was MUCH more to my liking. Oh, my fickle nature.

Anyways, thank you for coming by my blog if you have over the past 6 years. I have no intention of going anywhere. So I'll leave you with the song I posted on that very first post and a song that I loved from 2013.

Smashing Pumpkins - Mayonaise
Chance the Rapper - Cocoa Butter Kisses

Throwback Thursday: 1993

In the Summer of 1993, my family moved from Nebraska to the East Coast (Annapolis, MD)

10. Michael Bolton - Said I Loved You...But I Lied
9. Bryan Adams - Please Forgive Me
8. Toni Braxton - Breathe Again
7. Bryan Adams/Rod Stewart/Sting - All For Love
6. DRS - Gangsta Lean
5. Salt-n-Pepa - Shoop
4. Meat Loaf - I'd Do Anything For Love (But I Won't Do That)
3. Mariah Carey - Hero
2. Ace of Base - All That She Wants

Well, since "The Sign" was a hit in 1994 (and so it's not going to feature in this series), I suppose I can play another song I like by Ace of Base. Mind you, I LOVE "The Sign" and only LIKE this, but this song is still really great and also really great at taking me back to the time when it was big. Which is kinda the point of this series, you know?

1. Janet Jackson - Again

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

One Year, 100 Albums: #56 The Suicide Machines - A Match and Some Gasoline

The Suicide Machines A Match and Some Gasoline, 2003

I bought this album in a Best Buy in Springfield, Virginia while visiting my ex-girlfriend (it was complicated) and I don't really know why. As far as I know I hadn't heard any of the singles or previous albums.

But there I was, in possession of this album and loving it more with every listen. The funny thing about The Suicide Machines is that, where most bands would try to blend their ska and punk influences, they make absolutely no attempt to. On the albums I've heard, at least, if the song you're listening to is ska, the next one is punk, and vice versa. But for them, it works.

Over the years this album has become something of a classic in my mind. From the rage of the opener, "Burning in the Aftermath" to the acoustic secret song at the end (where I learned that the first nuclear weapon was tested on the date of my birth, 1945), this album nestles somewhere deep in your mind and doesn't leave. I can't wait to put this one on for my grandkids, just for shock value :) 

The Suicide Machines - High Anxiety
The Suicide Machines - Seized Up

You can buy A Match and Some Gasoline at Amazon, Amazon MP3, and iTunes

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Top Ten Tuesday: Miley Cyrus "Wrecking Ball"

So I decided to feature this song this week instead of the Pitbull/Ke$ha collab (that'll be next week if nothing new enters the Top 10) because I enjoy this one slightly more.

But I made an executive decision to play the SNL rendition as opposed to the controversial Official Music Video. I watched both and it just feels like the song gets more attention in this video and the nude wrecking ball straddling and sledgehammer licking get a little more attention in the Official one.

Though I will say that the Official Video wasn't was incendiary or shocking as everyone was claiming a couple of months ago. It seems to me that it was just a pretty typical music video. Maybe on the racy side, but those are the times we live in.

And I also don't think her claim of a Sinead O'Connor influence is that far-fetched either. The straight-on confessional aspect of the shot that opens the video and recurs throughout the video is almost a direct tribute to "Nothing Compares 2 U"

You know what? I'm going to post both. What the hell?

Sunday, December 15, 2013

New Countdown! Powering Through!

Fitz & the Tantrums
Well, I really thought this one wouldn't make it up on time. Not that it's a big deal, but I always am a little out of sorts when I don't get the podcast up on time. Tonight was a typical case of distracted procrastination, so I guess I only have myself to blame.

It's a fun countdown this week! And it's the penultimate countdown based on the weekly charts of the year! How did the year already evaporate?!

I hope you enjoy this one!

Countdown #178

Arctic Monkeys
Cage the Elephant
DJ Earworm
Fitz & the Tantrums
Imagine Dragons
Linkin Park x Steve Aoki
The Neighbourhood
Panic! at the Disco featuring LOLO
Pearl Jam

Friday, December 13, 2013

One Year, 100 Albums: #57 Rancid - ...And Out Come the Wolves

Rancid ...And Out Come the Wolves, 1995

Let's start with the cover. This is probably my favorite album cover of all time. A close, close 2nd place goes to this one, but the title and the way it's written at the bottom, in addition to the mohawk and tattoos, complete this picture of despair that you don't often see on album covers. I always imagine this young punk with the tats and the piercings and the hair done just right leaving out the back of a loud club, walking down the stairs, and sitting at the bottom. He rests his head on his arms and tries to block out the world. Maybe this is as good a place as any to sleep for the night. Maybe he's just sad and scared and fed up with his lot in life. If I could have a big print of this album art on my wall, I think I would.

Now, the album. It almost feels like you're ripping the band off, listening to this amazing visceral music. It's 19 tracks and there's not a dud among them. You get your punk, your ska, and your rock in a nice little 19-track cocktail that leaves you wanting more.

There are TWO fantastic bass solos on this album and I gave you the one that I always forget until right before it's happening ("Lock, Step, and Gone").

The one speed bump that you might encounter with this one is Tim Armstrong's voice. It takes a LITTLE getting used to, since it often sounds like he grabbed a handful of marbles, shoved them into his mouth, filled in the gaps with whiskey and bit down hard, and now he's singing through the blood and teeth and marbles and booze. But you not only get used to it, you come to love it. It completely fits with the picture he's painting of these kids trying to find some sliver of happiness in a world that hates them and wants to make their lives as hard as possible. Put it this way, if you're ok with Mick Jones's voice from The Clash, you'll be just fine with Tim's.

This is a classic album that you should hear as soon as possible.

Here's the video for one of the two career-making singles for the band (both of which are from this album! (The other is "Time Bomb"! (see below))). Try to get used to Tim's possibly (read: probably) intentionally bad lip synching and think about the music video illusions that we have grown accustomed to over the last 32 years.

Rancid - Time Bomb
Rancid - Lock, Step, and Gone
Rancid - Avenues and Alleyways

You can buy ...And Out Come the Wolves at Amazon, Amazon MP3, and iTunes

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Throwback Thursday: 1994

This was the year my sister was born!!

10. Janet Jackson - You Want This/70's Love Groove
9. Brandy - I Wanna Be Down
8. Sheryl Crow - All I Wanna Do
7. Madonna - Secret
6. TLC - Creep
5. Boyz II Men - I'll Make Love to You
4. Bon Jovi - Always
3. Real McCoy - Another Night

A bunch of great options for this week in 1994, but I decided to go with a song that really takes me back there. And maybe one you haven't thought of in a while. It's also a great education into how radio stations work!

2. Ini Kamoze - Here Comes the Hotstepper
1. Boyz II Men - On Bended Knee

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

One Year, 100 Albums: #58 Allister - Last Stop Suburbia

Allister Last Stop Suburbia, 2002

The way it must have happened is: We moved from Northern Virginia (where I spent 7th through 12th grades, made all my friends, and became the person I am today) to Virginia Beach in the Summer of 2002. The first night down there, we stayed in a hotel. I went and watched Halloween: Resurrection by myself in a nearly empty theater that I'd never been to before (and thus was terrified to go to the bathroom for fear of my inevitable murder), and I bought Allister's Dead Ends & Girlfriends and Strung Out's Suburban Teenage Wasteland Blues. I listened to them both on the scratchy hotel bed while the summer sun blazed away outside. The Strung Out album was amazing. And the Allister album? It had a couple of good songs on it, too.

I drove myself back to school that Fall. The drive was longer and lonelier, but the arrival was much more satisfying. Finally, I was back in a place that was familiar with people that knew me that I could visit, instead of sitting alone in my room, checking my Buddy List for someone to talk to.

I'd purchased the first Something Corporate EP Audioboxer pretty much solely based on the fact that it came with a Drive-Thru Records sampler that had the new New Found Glory song on it (Sticks and Stones came out that summer. More on that later.). It also had a song from the new Allister album, "Somewhere on Fullerton", on it. Enjoying that song and most of their first album led me to buy Last Stop Suburbia which came out in October (see? we got there eventually!) and, you guys. This album is basically pop-punk perfection. The songs are fast and catchy and fantastic.

It's exactly the kind of album you want to discover and explore as your life starts to come into focus and all the pieces start to fall into place.

Allister - The One That Got Away
Allister - Westbound

You can buy Last Stop Suburbia at Amazon, Amazon MP3, and iTunes

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Top Ten Tuesday: A Great Big World & Christina Aguilera "Say Something"

The least of 4 evils ("Evils" is pretty harsh here. None of these songs/artists are "evil" or even "bad") finds us looking at another "...featuring Christina Aguilera" song (ok, so technically, this is an "...& Christina Aguilera" song, but you understand what I mean). From what I gather, she heard this song as part of her responsibilities on The Voice and asked to collaborate. If you watch the video, you begin to see that she basically just took the other guy's harmony part. I kept watching him expecting him to come in with a verse, but he did not. Not a bad song, though. Cool video, too.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

New Countdown: Who Will Get the Grammy??

Arctic Monkeys

The Holiday Season is upon us and I think we're definitely feeling it around my house. The Christmas shopping is done, I believe, and so all that's left is assembly. I hope that you're all having lovely Decembers as well.

New music continues to roll in to the countdown and it was definitely a breeze to introduce these songs! So much to discuss! Enjoy the episode!

Countdown #177

Arctic Monkeys
Cage the Elephant
Fitz & the Tantrums
Imagine Dragons
Linkin Park x Steve Aoki
Panic! at the Disco featuring Lolo
Pearl Jam

Friday, December 6, 2013

One Year, 100 Albums: #59 The Weakerthans - Reconstruction Site

The Weakerthans Reconstruction Site, 2003

I'm not entirely sure how I came to own this album, honestly. I remember asking for it for Christmas? I remember listening to it in Virginia Beach during the Christmas season. It came out in August of that year, so that would have been Christmas of Junior Year of College. Weird. I would have bet money that this was another SYoC find.

This whole album feels like a fantastic book of short stories. The songs are individually wonderful and diverse and eclectic, but you feel like there's a theme or an explanation lying right underneath the surface. Repeated musical themes and things like that give hints but never end up offering any answers. Despite that, you feel satisfied when it's over. Like you do after a filling, subtle meal prepared by a master chef.
Here's a video for the first song on the album that was my favorite.

And here are two songs that I would eventually realize the genius of, but really I could have picked any two songs from this album. It's a strong album. Maybe it's the 1:15 AM talking, but this maybe should have been higher on the list. It's such a fantastic album.

The Weakerthans - Plea From a Cat Named Virtue
The Weakerthans - (Hosptial Vespers) (This should have probably made my recent "Most Favorites" mix. It's so simple, but so beautiful and heartbreaking.)

You can buy Reconstruction Site at Amazon, Amazon MP3, and iTunes

OR You could get a copy from me! For whatever reason, I have an extra CD of this album. If you would like me to send it to you, free of charge! Just write me an email at aodblog@gmail.com with the subject "AOD Giveaway" and your address enclosed and I'll send it right out to you. First person to get an email to me, wins

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Throwback Thursday: 1995

In the Summer of 1995, we moved to Virginia from Annapolis and I started 7th grade that Fall.

10. Groove Theory - Tell Me
9. Goo Goo Dolls - Name
8. TLC - Diggin' on You
7. Janet Jackson - Runaway
6. R. Kelly - You Remind Me of Something
5. Coolio featuring L.V. - Gangsta's Paradise
4. Mariah Carey - Fantasy

Gonna be a double Mariah Carey post this week. Because TWO of my favorite songs of hers were on the Top Ten this week in 1995. I mean, there's no denying how fantastic this song is. So catchy. So effortless. So wonderful.

3. LL Cool J - Hey Lover
2. Whitney Houston - Exhale (Shoop Shoop)
1. Mariah Carey & Boyz II Men - One Sweet Day

And then there's this. Goodness gracious I love this song. I heard it on the radio and went right out and bought the cassingle and played that thing over and over and over. I will put this song on to this day and be completely blissed out.

It's no surprise that this song holds the record for most weeks at number 1 (16 weeks).

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

One Year, 100 Albums: #60 Lit - A Place in the Sun


Lit A Place in the Sun, 1999

In 1999, I won tickets to the HFStival. It was a big deal. The show sold out very quickly back then and the line up that year was incredible. Many of the bands that I loved listening to on the radio (DC101, mind you. WHFS didn't have very reliable reception for me) were going to be there. My friend Ryan and I went to the Hecht's at the mall at 3 or 4 AM and waited in line. When they opened the doors to start selling tickets we slowly wound our way through the store to the Ticketmaster counter.

Fun side note: A young, unknown Annapolis band played an acoustic set in the middle of the store. A couple of years later, that band was huge and all over MTV. They were called Good Charlotte.

But before we got up to the counter, they pulled both of our names out of the raffle to win tickets. We both won 2 tickets and it was great.

If memory serves, Lit was the 2nd band to play the Festival. I want to say that Jimmie's Chicken Shack opened, but that would be conjecture. Lit was fantastic and fun and just wonderful.

Then, later that summer, my Aunt and Uncle worked in the medical tent of Woodstock '99 (which took place in the town where one of my sets of Grandparents lived) so I got to go for free. It was pretty fantastic, though I wished at the time that I would have more control over what bands I got to see. (I basically wanted them to leave me to watch Everclear, but they didn't want to leave a 16 year old alone at a HUGE music festival. Which was good thinking on their part, in hindsight)

After waiting all morning for them to pick me up from my Grandparents' house and missing most of the first day, and then getting set up but then having to help a girl try to find her family's tent in the OCEAN of tents that all looked the same, I finally got to go watch a band perform. The band was, of course, Lit. And they were fantastic and fun and wonderful then, too.

So then school started and my final Lit memory of 1999 is listening to this album on my Walkman (having recorded it to a tape, because I didn't have a CD player) on the bus to the Renaissance Festival with the Drama Department. It was fun to have such high energy, melodic music to soundtrack a trip with a group of people that were still pretty much strangers to me, but who, by the end of the year, would be some of my closest friends.

Lit pretty much soundtracked 1999 for me and I'm pleased to say that the album DEFINITELY holds up. Check out the video for the song you definitely know by them. And then below that, check out some non-singles from the album that are just as good, if not better!

Lit - No Big Thing
Lit - Quicksand

You can buy A Place in the Sun at Amazon, Amazon MP3, and iTunes

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Top Ten Tuesday: Passenger "Let Her Go"

It's so cool to see Passenger make the Top Ten. My friend Andy got into them in something like 2006 and quickly got me hooked, as well. We went and saw "them" (Passenger is one of those bands that is more of a singer with a backing band, so it almost feels like you should say "him") in Annapolis all those years ago when he played to a house of maybe MAYBE 30 people. And he was fantastic. The first album Wicked Man's Rest is so so so good.

I really like this song too. It's everything that I love about Passenger. I like seeing the band preparing to perform and performing and having just performed. I like that they used actual footage of him singing the song, but dubbed the studio version of the track. It adds a level that I really enjoy.

Now let's see him get to #1!

Sunday, December 1, 2013

New Countdown! Thanksgiving! December! Oh My!

The Neighbourhood
Well, I'm typing this on Tuesday night because I don't want to be fussing with recording and posting and all of that hooey (which I love!) down at my folks' place this week/weekend. So it feels REALLY early, but I kind of like it.

I just want to thank you for coming to listen to my podcast. If you're reading this, then I'm thankful for you and all the steps that led you to my little corner of the Internet. I hope that you're happy you came when you leave and that you'll eagerly come back soon!

Countdown #176

Arctic Monkeys
Cage the Elephant
Fitz & the Tantrums
Imagine Dragons
The Neighbourhood
Panic! at the Disco featuring LOLO
Pearl Jam
The White Stripes