Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Top Ten Tuesday: Lady Gaga "Dope"

I know. I know. The day has come to the blog where I post about Lady Gaga. And not just as part of a list of other huge, smash hit artists. As a subject of her own. And I gotta say, I feel pretty good about it. What a song to make the Top 10. Even if you don't like her fashion or her overall style of music, there's not a lot you can deny in this video from her recent ARTRave concert:

And here's the studio track which I was worried wouldn't hold up to that amazing live performance, but it does.

And of course this song really reminds me of her SNL performance where I started realizing that underneath it all, she's a pretty fantastic musician. Just watch the whole thing before you tell me I'm insane.

Lady GaGa Medley (@ Saturday Night Live) BMF by BlakMusicFirst

Actually I think the image of that beautiful girl with all that musical talent peeking out from her weird atomic orbital costume is pretty much the perfect image for Lady Gaga's place in my mind. Her talent perhaps is lost on people who can't see past the costume. And I'm glad that that first video is out there because the weird costume is nowhere to be seen. And I don't miss it :)

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