Friday, April 4, 2014

One Year, 100 Albums: #25 Mad Caddies "Just One More"

Mad Caddies Just One More, 2003

This album should be a fair-to-middling skacore (which I define as ska + punk. If I'm wrong please let me know) album. Mad Caddies were among Fat Wreck Chord's B-string bands and I had really enjoyed their previous album, Rock the Plank, because of it's fun, fast songs and slight pirate theme. 

Then they put a song called "Shut the Door" on one of the Fat Music comps and I fell head over heels for this band. I'm not sure if "Shut the Door" was a Rock the Plank outtake, but that seems like it makes sense.

THEN they put a song called "Leavin'" on a subsequent Fat Music comp and I knew this band was special. They somehow find a way to seem reckless AND completely in control.

So I wasn't surprised that Just One More was a good album. 10 years later I am surprised that it made the Top 25 of this list because it turns out it is a GREAT album. 

It begins with the easygoing "Drinking for 11" and then goes into a couple of harder-rocking numbers and it seems like it's business as usual, which is why when songs like "Spare Change?" and, holy hell, "Good Intentions" come along, the listener is thrown for a loop. They feel like songs that are destined to be classics. I'm not hyperbolizing when I say that "Good Intentions" is one of my all-time favorite songs.

So make sure you check out all of the featured songs because there's a wide range on this one. And if you like even 2 of the songs, then I'd say you would be remiss if you didn't pick it up. This is a sleeper classic if ever there was one, so get in on the ground floor before everyone else catches on!

Mad Caddies - Day By Day
Mad Caddies - Spare Change?
Mad Caddies - Good Intentions

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