Friday, April 25, 2014

One Year, 100 Albums: #19 P.O.S "Never Better"

P.O.S Never Better, 2009

This album was the gateway into Doomtree and Dessa and all of that, so it is very important to me. The really funny thing is that I stumbled on it basically by accident. The year was 2009 and I was taking my sister to her first Warped Tour. I had made a list of all of the performers scheduled for our date and was going through and listening to the top song listed for them on Just to get an idea of what we might want to check out.

So the top song for P.O.S was "Drumroll (We're All Thirsty)" so I checked out the video. And was blown away. I was completely enthralled and confused and excited. What was this? It was like rap made by punk rockers.

Well, that turns out to have been a biographically accurate statement. Stef was in a punk band before he was a rapper. That background shows on all of his album, but I think it's most evident on this one. There are punk rock samples, punk rock ideas, and punk rock guest vocalists.

It's still way up there on the list of "Hip-hop albums that don't sound like anything else out there" along with Madvillainy and Enter the 36 Chambers.

I decided not to feature my all-time favorite song from the album "Low Light Low Life" and I think the reason is that I feel like it would be giving away gold. It's TOO good a song! You can check it out on YouTube or Spotify or whatever, but I really want everyone I know to own a copy of this album.

So let's get on that, shall we?

OH! I also didn't feature the song that samples from the movie Knocked Up. It's a pretty amazing sample. 

P.O.S - Savion Glover
P.O.S - Terrorish

You can buy Never Better at Amazon, Amazon MP3, iTunes, the Doomtree webstore, and the Doomtree Bandcamp page

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