Sunday, August 26, 2012

WARNING: This Week's Countdown Contains Nearly 11 minutes of Evil

Ok, maybe not EVIL, per se. Or at least not to most people. Some people will find no irony in my Post Title and will think it is completely accurate. Others are going to have a fun, dancy time. 

I always know an idea for the podcast is a good one when I get a wicked little smile on my face. And Friday, when I thought of doing this, I got that little smile. :-D

For those of you keeping score at home, this is the first podcast published in the era in which my sister goes to college. That's something for the trivia books, people.

Alex Clare
The Black Keys
Green Day
Imagine Dragons
The Killers
Linkin Park
The Lumineers
Of Monsters and Men

1 comment: said...

Hello again from Mess Kit! I'm truly honored to be quoted in the mighty mighty podcast countdown! I want to be more specific about Mr. Muertos. First: I wish I hadn't picked on his original name. I like that name, truth be told. If this song were not the ballad of a blow-hard, we would all like that former name more. The current number one is not too dancy, though the syntho-pulse doesn't help much. The problem is in the lyrics. The music and emotion does not make the guy sound sorry or conflicted about "needing to be free" or needing to be "true to myself" as he puts it. I am reminded of the incredible emotional revolution in BNL's line when the dumped girl says, "You arrogant man..." Yes, exactly. BNL had some lyrics there that won't quit. This guy sounds downright spunky that he needs "room to breathe." My answer, "Don't let the door hit you in the ass on your way out!"
As for the mega-auto-tune song from Fun? Wow. I think it is a symphony of effect, layers and layers of sound that really give a strange depth. In fact, the reference to "stars" aren't what they seem to be, is an actual reference, I believe, to that inauthenticity you mentioned in the other song's use of autotune. I think he is definitely using the device as a symbol -- and quoting himself. What great fun! What energy!