Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Off the Charts #5: Birthday 2012!

That's right, folks! In. The. Same. Calendar. Year!

Here's the podcast I made from the blog posts that showed up in my blog reader on my birthday. Last year it was 40 minutes for like 7 songs. This year, it's just shy of 90 for 14. There's a nice eclectic mix and you can learn about some of the blogs that I'm reading in my life!

Off the Charts #5: Birthday 2012

Ben Folds Five
Bourgie Bourgie
Camper Van Beethoven
The Crimea
Frank Ocean
Goldroom feat Chela
The Hood Internet feat Annie Hart and bbu
International Airport
Kevin Hearn & Thinbuckle
Marilyn McCoo & Billy Davis, Jr.
Orange Juice
The xx

Blogs that helped create this episode by posting on my birthday (Thank you!):

Culture Pop
I Sing In the Kitchen
La. Ga. Sta.
Linear Tracking Lives!
Listen Before You Buy
Panda Head
Pigeons & Planes
Pretending Life Is Like A Song (this blog is private. I think Adam has been DMC-burned one too many times)
The Springfield Historical Society
Strawberries in Paris
The Vinyl Villian


Tricia said...


Was it really just your birthday? How did I miss that?

Lots of cheer headed your way. (And blast that Bourgie Bourgie, Would ya?)


James! said...

it was on the 16th of july, so i dont know if you'd say it was "just" my bday, but...thanks!