Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Big Scary

It's weird when you get music that's brand new to you, from a band that's relatively well established outside your field of knowledge.

I got an email containing the two singles from the debut album from Big Scary, Vacation. Big Scary, to me, are brand new, but, if their Last.fm page tells us anything, they are kinda big in Australia. Not HUGE. But certainly not as new as I would have guessed.

But the point is not how new or established a band is. The point is, is the music enjoyable? I think you'll find, after listening to these two singles, that Big Scary makes VERY enjoyable music that I have yet to pin down.

I was only going to post "Gladiator" but I think listening to both gives you an idea of the range that these two are capable of.

Big Scary - Gladiator
Big Scary - Falling Away

Both from their debut, Vacation, which you can purchase at their website, on Bandcamp, or on iTunes.

It looks like the album isn't out worldwide until September, which is why it's not yet available on the US iTunes page.

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