Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Top Ten Tuesday: Meghan Trainor "Lips are Movin"

Not a huge fan of this video or song. It feels like she's trying to ride her own coattails from the success of "All About That Bass" and it just doesn't work for me. What do you guys think?


Natsthename said...

No no no. Thus gal will be forgotten within a few years. I HOPE.

James! said...

When I read this, I thought you were commenting on the last episode of the Festive Fifty and that you were saying that about St. Vincent. I was figuring out how to phrase my confusion and disagreement.

Then I realized you were commenting on this song. And everything cleared right up.

I had hoped that she was going to be an interesting new pop star. I actually REALLY liked "All About That Bass", but not only do I not like this song, it kind of makes me like the other one less....