Thursday, October 2, 2014

Throwback Thursday: 2008

10. The Game - LAX 65
9. Lil Wayne - Tha Carter III 84

     1. 3 Peat
     2. Mr. Carter featuring Jay-Z
     3. A Milli
     4. Got Money featuring T-Pain
     5. Comfortable featuring Babyface
     6. Dr. Carter
     7. Phone Home
     8. Tie My Hands featuring Robin Thicke
     9. Mrs. Officer featuring Bobby V
   10. Let the Beat Build
   11. Shoot Me Down featuring D. Smith
   12. Lollipop featuring Static Major

So I had an interesting situation arise for this week's Throwback Thursday. I had heard none of the albums on the Top Ten. So I had no clue what to pick to feature. So I decided to go logical and feature the album with the highest Metacritic score (The numbers next to the album titles this week are the Metacritic scores). The winning album was Lil Wayne's Tha Carter III album. I was a little crestfallen because I've not really cared for Lil Wayne's stuff in the past.

But I have to admit, I was pleasantly surprised to enjoy pretty much the whole thing. It's raunchy and vulgar at times but there's humor to it, too. And, what most surprised me, heart.

I had wanted to play the Jay-Z collaboration, but I couldn't find an actual music video for it. I found a live version, but Jay's part was just played over the system, which was disappointing.

So I played the single I didn't think I liked, "Lollipop". I thought it was dumb and sophomoric. And it is. But it's also very catchy and kinda clever.

I'm really happy to say that I've come around a lot on the Lil Wayne front.

   13. La La featuring Brisco & Busta Rhymes
   14. Pussy Monster
   15. You Ain't Got Nothin' featuring Juelz Santana & Fabolous
   16. Dontgetit

8. Buckcherry - Black Butterfly 50
7. DJ Khaled - We Global 58
6. Young Jeezy - The Recession 72
5. Darius Rucker - Learn to Live 66
4. Kid Rock - Rock N Roll Jesus 63
3. Nelly - Brass Knuckles 61
2. Ne-Yo - Year of the Gentleman 79
1. Metallica - Death Magnetic 78

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