Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Happy Fangs

It's always really cool when members of a band you really liked start new projects.

I was super bummed when My First Earthquake announced that they were going to be taking a break (indefinite hiatus, hanging up their hats, etc. (basically not making music for a while as MFE) and so it was very cool to get an email announcing that Rebecca (sometimes I call her Rob-ecca, because she can do a killer (as in good, not deadly....well, maybe both) from MFE had started a new band with a guy named Mike Cobra from the band King Loses Crown. 

The band sent this teaser video:

Happy Fangs will be playing on October 1st (that's THIS Monday) at the Rickshaw Stop with Blood Red Shoes and Starskate. You can buy tickets here
When I asked them on Twitter (@happyfangs) about any tracks that they might have to release, they told me that they're mixing their first demo on Friday. So maybe they'll send me a track or two to post soon!
I've said it before, but it is always REALLY exciting to get news of a band like this. I'm very excited to hear more from them!


Unknown said...

I too was disappointed when MFE broke up...I had heard them on my college radio station (All the way over in KY!) back in 09.

I'm hoping Happy Fangs plans to release tracks online because this teaser video has me anxious for what's to come.

Rebecca's voice meshes very well w/ the darker punk music yet still manages to retain a bit of that ... aggressive perkiness for lack of a better term.

I can definitely hear the Bikini Kill influence.

James! said...

Yeah, it's definitely an aggressive sound and I'm really looking forward to what Rebecca does with it.

Thanks for commenting, Ed!