Sunday, March 1, 2015

March 2015 Media Update

Last Thing I Watched: Last night I watched an episode of the TV show Mulaney called "Power Moves". This show is very very funny and I'm sad that it's not getting a second season. I feel like shows aren't getting the chance to break out of the first season roughness anymore. There's just too much content available for networks to not react to the very first response to new shows. Which is sad.

Last Thing I Read: So at some point this month, I broke my pact not to acquire any new books. Dessa is doing another session of her #Lithop internet book club. We are reading and discussing the Nicholson Baker collection The Size of Thoughts. It's very interesting to be exposed to an author I've never read before through such an eclectic collection. Last night, the last thing I read was "Mlack" which was a list of all the typos Baker made when he was writing one of his books. Instead of erasing them, he moved them to the bottom of the page. Kind of an interesting use of the word processor.

If you're interested, I'm keeping a running tally of the things I read in the book as well as linking to the Facebook discussions with the group on This Reddit Thread.

Last Thing I Listened To: On the way home from work last night, Red Hot Chili Peppers "Under the Bridge" was about halfway through when I turned on the car. It finished and the last song I heard before typing this came on. "Tom's Diner" by Suzanne Vega (the DNA remix, natch. No one plays the acapella version. It's sad but understandable.)

Things I'm Seeing On the Internet: It's so amazing and unbelievable the things that blow up on the Internet. I'm writing this a tad early, but I have every confidence that this will still be around this weekend when I write the rest of this post. I'm so excited to look back at this post and remember how huge this dress was.

The thing that is all over the Internet right now is a picture of a dress. And a debate over what color it is. And discussions about perception and image manipulation. It's super annoying because everyone is getting in on it and everyone's so certain they're right, but it's also kind of fascinating. So.

Here's the image.

And the debate is: Is the dress Gold and White or Blue and Black?

Here's a great joke about it:

And here's a link to a thread on the Ask Science Subreddit discussing the whole thing which I found very interesting.
What color is the dress? Why do some people see blue and black and some people see gold and white when looking at a single image of a dress?

Right after I wrote all that about the dress, the news broke that Leonard Nimoy had died. So people are talking a lot about him, as well. And, since it's the internet, I've seen several instances where people combine references to Nimoy and the dress. Oh, the Internet.

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