Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Top Ten Tuesday: Ariana Grande & The Weeknd "Love Me Harder"

This song is very very catchy. It's one of those "wait, what did she just sing" songs where the lyrics sound sweet until you listen to them closely and realize that the content is QUITE racy.

Of course, this song is fairly run-of-the-mill for The Weeknd, if perhaps a little toned down. Man, I need to listen to those Weeknd EPs.

So, accompanying this song is a suitably subtle video. It's pretty dense with symbolism and I hope you can pick up the meaning behind it all!

Fun Trivia Fact: Ariana Grande has posted the second highest number of songs since Top Ten Tuesday started early last year, second only to Justin Timberlake. And if you don't count features, she takes the prize.

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