Thursday, November 20, 2014

Throwback Thursday: 2001

10. Incubus - Morning View

     1. Nice to Know You
     2. Circles
     3. Wish You Were Here
     4. Just a Phase
     5. 11am
     6. Blood on the Ground
     7. Mexico
     8. Warning
     9. Echo
   10. Have You Ever
   11. Are You In?

   12. Under My Umbrella
   13. Aqueous Transmission

So I got this CD a bit before it came out because my friend Danielle was a big Incubus fan and knew somebody that knew somebody or something. She gave me a copy in the first weeks of our first semester of college. Anyway. At first, I was disappointed that this album wasn't more like the previous album Make Yourself, but now I think it might be way way way better. I think that I might prefer chill Incubus. And if you can give me chill Incubus and still have the DJ scratching, I'm totally in. Hence the above video.

In looking for videos for this album, I also found the complete Morning View Sessions concert which came out the following spring. I've embedded it below.

This is definitely getting into an era where I'm actually making myself nostalgic. An actual Throwback Thursday

9. Linkin Park - Hybrid Theory
8. Ja Rule - Pain is Love
7. Various Artists - God Bless America
6. Nickleback - Silver Side Up
5. Enya - A Day Without Rain
4. Backstreet Boys - The Hits--Chapter One
3. DMX - The Great Depression
2. Enrique Iglesias - Escape
1. Michael Jackson - Invincible

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