Sunday, May 5, 2013

New Countdown: Jared Leto, please take your hands off my neck.....

Of Monsters and Men
I'm getting this post in JUST under the wire because we mopped the kitchen floor last night and my laptop was still in the kitchen. I could have gotten it, but, c'mon guys, it was late. And I have like 45 minutes to spare. In fact, if I hadn't told you, you never would have known how close to the airtime I'm writing this!....So just act like I didn't say anything....

Oh and we have a new Grammy Alternative Album of the Month to coincide with the new month! I bet you're pretty stoked to find out what it is, so I played that song first!

Countdown #150

Capital Cities
Fall Out Boy
Imagine Dragons
The Lumineers
Mumford and Sons
The Neighbourhood
Of Monsters and Men
Thirty Seconds to Mars


Anonymous said...

Hey James,
I can't download the podcast, because the link isn't hot. Is this a problem with my computer?
Clueless in Allston

James! said...


Nope! Not a you problem. Definitely a me problem. I forgot to link to the podcast. And I also forgot to upload the podcast to Google Docs, so I'll have to do that when I get home!

Thanks for alerting me to this issue!