Sunday, May 12, 2013

No New Countdown: Guest Review and Video!!

So, this week has been an absolute train wreck. Lots of things going on and work and all of that. So, I have been unable to record a new podcast (beyond the first intro, which I do on Wednesday nights) for this week. BUT all is not lost. I have a guest review that my friend Andy (from RVA Playlist) sent me and I'm going to post a Radiohead music video, so that we can at least feature another aspect to OK Computer this week.

First, the video. This is one of the most memorable videos I've ever seen. And it's a video for one of the most memorable songs I've ever heard. Ladies and gentlemen, prepare to be very weirded out by the video for Paranoid Android!

And now, here's the Guest Review for some songs that were on the chart late last year. And some songs that are still on the chart this week. (The range is 5/5/12 to present to be specific. And episode 102 to present to be a different kind of specific. Wow. So it's been just over a year since the first of these songs entered the chart. And one of them is still on it!)

Last December, James sent me a CD with the top songs of the year (Note from James: they weren't technically the top songs of the year. They were just the songs that had come out since the last CD for Guest Review was completed. But some of these songs WERE the top songs of the year, so he isn't entirely wrong) and asked me to do a guest review giving my opinions on each track. I should have done this in January instead of being lazy not writing it until May. My opinions are so different now from when these songs first came out last year. I should also note that I really don't pay much attention to mainstream music, so many of these songs I'm hearing for the first time. But here it goes.

Alex Clare- Too Close
Even after listening to this song for half a year. I still feel like it's two songs that mesh into one. It's starts off as a nice dark pop song, but then goes into the hard synth rock and I don't think it meshes well.

AWOLNATION - Kill Your Heroes
It has a beat and you can dance to it. If you have no shame. I have no shame and am now dancing.

The Black Keys - Little Black Submarines
I really like this song. It's so soft and melancholy.  Then the 1:00 minute mark hits and we're treated to fun and raucous rock song. This does not disappoint.

Fun - Some Nights
I hated this song at first. Then loved it. Then hated it again because everyone else loved it. Then loved it again when they won a Grammy. Then hated it because radio would NOT STOP playing it. Then I loved it again. I miss The Format.

Green Day - Oh Love
While I love Green Day, I stopped paying attention to them after "21st Century Breakdown." I had completely forgotten they were releasing 3 albums in a row in 2012 and this song sounds a lot of what I've expected from the group. Very pop-friendly rock. I personally want to see a return to albums like "Insomniac."

Imagine Dragons - It's Time
I really like this song and I feel like it completely came out of nowhere. Very upbeat and fun. And I totally thought their name was Magic Dragons when I first heard them. I really liked that name.

The Killers - Runaways
Every Killers song now is sounding the same. Or rather every Killers song that's released to the radio now is sounding the same.

Linkin Park - Burn It Down
Linkin Park doing what they do best. Be loud and synth-rock-y.

The Lumineers - Ho Hey
I am so tired of the Lumineers right now. This song needs to not be played anymore.

Mumford & Sons - I Will Wait
This song got me into Mumford & Sons. Yes, I missed the boat when "Little Lion Man" came out and everyone went all crazy for them. I really enjoy this song. It's simple but very good. And the "raise my hands" part gets me every time.

Muse - Madness
This one grew on me. I like Muse but wasn't feeling this song at first. Each listen made it more enjoyable.

The Offspring - Days Go By
Listening to the Offspring always makes me smile. They’ve been my favorite band since high school and I remember the days were I would fall asleep listening to every album they had on my CD Walkman. While I like “Days Go By,” there are so many better songs on the album I wish they had gone with. And while they don’t really do anything new, it does manage to invoke the history and style of every one of their albums since 1989. And yes, I know every single song they’ve done by heart.

Passion Pit - Take A Walk
I like this song but I hate the chorus. The "take a walk" part gets on my nerves every time.

The Shins - Simple Song
I have a love/hate relationship with the Shins. Ever time we played the Pandora station at work, whatever artist we chose to play, it would always, ALWAYS, play the Shins. It never failed. It got to a point where I couldn’t listen anymore because I was so tired with the Shins. And then they had to release a new album – and a great one at that. After this album came out, we started listening to it constantly and once again, the Shins were back in our musical lives at work. "Simple Song" is still my favorite off the album.

Silversun Pickups - Bloody Mary (Nerve Endings)
I want to like this song, but I just can't. Sorry, Silversun Pickups. Play with Bloody Mary? No.

Walk the Moon - Anna Sun
This song just gets me in a good mood. I'm always pumped when I listen to this. Put this in your "get ready for the day" mix.

Youngblood Hawke - We Come Running
Why was this song not played more often last year? A catchy sing-along chorus and a whole bunch of whoa-oa-oa's? This has pop hit written all over it.

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