Sunday, March 24, 2013

Flashback Countdown #4!!! 1995!!!!

This is the 4th Flashback Countdown I've done and it might be my favorite so far! 1995 often slips by me when I'm thinking of great years for Alternative Music, but this countdown should serve as a reminder that it was a fantastic year. Every song is enjoyable and uncringeworthy.

Oh it's also the Countdown's 3rd Birthday! Happy Birthday Appetite For Distraction Alternative Top 10 Countdown!

I'm going to start having an image of one of the bands featured on the countdown each week, chosen at random. I've switched to a new RSS reader and it'll look pretty on that. And that's the reason I am doing this. It's selfish, but maybe it'll add something to the blog posts....

Flashback Countdown #4

Better Than Ezra
Green Day
P.J. Harvey

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