Monday, June 6, 2011

The Podcast as a Well-Oiled Machine

THIS, my friends. This is how I always want the podcast to go. It's Monday night. The baby is sleeping. I knocked out the podcast and had fun doing it. It's a pretty exciting little episode. Only three songs stay in the position they were in last week! I hope that I can continue to stay on top of this podcast. I enjoy it even more when it's punctual! Plus there's the factor of the unknown. Recently, I've been a week behind, so I was doing intros knowing full well what the song did the following week. And I haven't had that recently!

I'm going to have to use some of this extra time to make the Flashback countdown for August!

Countdown #58

The Airborne Toxic Event
The Black Keys
Cage the Elephant
Death Cab for Cutie
Foo Fighters
Foster the People
Green Day
Mumford & Sons
Rise Against
Sublime with Rome

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