Saturday, April 9, 2011

Review of She Might Bite "Sinister Device"

It's so exciting to get emails from bands that are JUST getting started in what are sure to be huge careers. I got such an email the other day from a girl named Tara in Kentucky. She and her sister Courtney started a band called She Might Bite and set out to make a folk EP. But then Tara got her hands on an electric guitar.

What followed was this four song rock EP. I've only heard the first track, "Sinister Device" And wow. I mean, this is rock and roll, people. It's full speed ahead rock with guitar solos that sneak up on you. I've never had the experience of a surprise guitar solo, but this song has two of them. I'm listening to it and all of a sudden it's like "SURPRISE the solo started 10 seconds ago and you were too busy rocking out to notice!" Love it.

"The sisters now view their EP as a catalyst. Drummer Kat Slaughter has joined and the trio is working on lots of new material inspired by hill country blues, 70s rock and punk." - From their bandcamp page

I'm really excited about this band and what will come of them. Go to their bandcamp page and get this album now.

She Might Bite - Sinister Device from The EP

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