Saturday, January 8, 2011

One plate breaks, another gets put right in its place

I can think of three songs off the top of my head that have "Bull in a China Shop" as a key part of the song (the title of one and part of the chorus of the other two). Of course, the Dessa song is probably referring to the P.O.S. song, but still.

Are there any other songs like this? Do we have a playlist in the making?

P.O.S. - I Play the Matador (Redo) from Ipecac Neat (Buy Here)
Dessa - The Bullpen from A Badly Broken Code (Buy Here)
Barenaked Ladies - Bull in a China Shop from Are Men (Buy Here)

Also, I realize that these are three artists from my 2010 Artists of the Year. But I love them so much!


Tricia said...

Any bullfighting music would work think pasadobles. I love the BNL tune.

mjrc said...

there's "antique bull" by brendan canning from his "something for all of us" album.

James! said...

Good call on the antique bull, Marcy!

Tricia - Where can I track down some kickass pasodobles?

*Note* The question I just asked Tricia is the REASON i love having internet friends to talk to about music