Friday, August 4, 2017

A Reading Quest!

I normally post about music, but I'm going to be doing this Reading Quest event and there's supposed to be kind of a home page for my activities with it.

You can find details here but the deal is that I'm going to be a Rogue (I chose from these options):

The Reading Quest Character Classes

I need to figure out what kind of Rogue I'm going to be and maybe like, what my name is, etc. Maybe my Rogue's name is "Rob" (like Robin Hood, but, you know, casual.)

And so Rob will follow the bottom path on this sheet:

 Reading Quest Board

 And then I can earn points and all sorts of stuff explained in the post linked above, but really, it's a way to switch up how I'm selecting my books to read.

So, from 8/13-9/10, I will be reading from the following list:

A Banned Book - The Autobiography of Malcom X
A Book Cover with a Partially Obscured Face - The Short Drop (which has this cover):
Image result for the short drop

A Book with <500 -="" are="" ebooks="" from.="" gathering-related="" going="" google="" i="" m="" magic:the="" on="" p="" pick="" ratings="" several="" that="" there="" to="">
A Book Published by a Small Press: A Monster Calls (published by Candlewick Press), which appears to be fairly small

A Book With a One Word Title - Candide (it has a one word title and it's super short!)

So that's what I'm going to be doing for the next month or so. You can sign up too!

I want to give credit to CW from Read, Think, Ponder for the artwork on the two things I pasted above!

Rob, out!

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