Thursday, January 1, 2015

January 2015 Media Update

Last Thing I Watched: Kristen was wearing the Veronica Mars Kickstarter t-shirt that I gave her (it looks better on her) yesterday, so we decided it would be fun to watch the Veronica Mars movie while we waited for the ball to drop. We didn't get it entirely finished and we'll probably watch some more starting in a couple of minutes.

Last Thing I Read: I'm reading and LOVING Live From New York, which is an oral history of Saturday Night Live. It is far far better than the MTV oral history I read before it. Right now I'm in the 90's with Myers and Spade and Rock and Farley and Sandler and Hartman. It's so fun to read and I'm really enjoying it a lot.

Last Thing I Listened To: I'm making my sister a mix CD for Christmas. It's cool because she's in Spain so I have some extra time. So I was listening to it while reading the SNL book and I made it to Everclear's "Amphetamine" which is a song that I have liked a whole lot for a long time. (By the way, this is the song I wanted to see them play at Woodstock 99 but I had to stick with the adults. A good call on their part, responsibility-wise, but a drag as an Everclear fan)

Things I'm Seeing On the Internet: Lots of Happy New Year posts. Lots of "2014 was great/2014 sucked/2014 had its ups and downs" posts. I keep thinking about how arbitrarily we think of the New Year as a reset and how every day is the start of a New Year. Just not one that's necessarily reflected on the numbers of the calendar. Deep stuff, I know.

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