Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Top Ten Tuesday (UK Edition): Cheryl Cole featuring Tinie Tempah "Crazy Stupid Love"

It's very interesting to watch this video because, as far as I'm aware, this song has not been played at all over in America. And yet, the same trends we're seeing over here of the pop song with the rap bridge and the horns at the hooks are happening in this song as well. What an interesting international trend.

What's also interesting is the change that Cheryl Coles' image has gone under in a couple of years. See, *I* know Cheryl Cole from the video below and so it's very interesting to see that she's gone for a more mature image in this new video, or more like, in the videos leading up to this video.


Welp, I'm embarrassed. I was confusing Cheryl Cole with Cher Lloyd. I'll still post the video, just so you can see the change I thought this woman had gone through. Haha. It's funny to think about now that I know it's not the case. And I thought this change had happened in 2 years. That would have been a drastic change indeed. I also just realized that this is a remake of sorts of the Jackson 5 song of the same (or, similar) name

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