Friday, July 12, 2013

One Year, 100 Albums: Introduction

So, I'm writing this on April 10th. I'm trying to get a huge head start on this project because it's going to start getting published right around the time my son is born and it would be really nice if the blog could just run itself for a while, you know?

Ok, so this started off as a Desert Island Disc kind of thing. I was reading Cathedrals of Sound and he decided to count down his 125 top Desert Island Discs. And it's an amazing feature that I imagine has wrapped up in the time between my writing this and you reading it. Go back through and see  what I'm talking about though. I love when he puts a new album up. It's always surprising and fun! And I've almost never heard of the album.

That probably won't be the case with this list, but I think you'll enjoy it. I've decided not to keep the Desert Island Disc idea in the title because, as one friend pointed out, 100 albums is a pretty generous haul to have on you in the case of tragic shipwreck.

So it's just a roughly ranked list of 100 albums that I can always put on and listen all the way through, enjoying each song. I ripped off the rules from Cathedrals of Sound and thank God I did! This was hard! (I've been working on my list since he was on like #112 or something. I finished when he was publishing #24. He publishes two albums a week. Or an album every other day. Something like that. That should give you a rough idea of how long it's taken me!)

Here are the rules I used:

1. One album per band. Albums from side/solo projects are permitted. So I could have a White Stripes album, the Jack White solo album, and a Raconteurs album with no problems. I don't . But I COULD.

2. No live or greatest hits albums. This rule wasn't TOO constricting, but I'm glad it was there.

And that's it! I am PLANNING on posting every Wednesday and Friday (because I don't tend to post things on those days!) and so that should have me posting the #1 album right around a year from now. It'll be like a week before the anniversary of the first post. Close enough.

You can look at all of the albums that have published posts in one big group by clicking the "1Y100A" tag at the bottom of any of the posts! :)

So come back on Wednesday to see what #100 is!


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