Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Guitar Moves: Annie Clark (St. Vincent)

I just watched this 13 minute video of this guy Matt Sweeney (oh WHOA he was in Zwan!) interviewing Annie Clark (aka St. Vincent). Well, it's less of an interview than you might think.

The show is called Guitar Moves and what I gather from this one episode is that he sits down with his guest and they show him cool/weird things they do with their guitars.

I will readily admit my huge crush on Annie Clark, but this is above and beyond. First, her hair, which she recently dyed blonde (to shocking, wonderful effect, if you ask me) is all over the place and I love it. But then you see her making these noises come out of her guitar and it's just...just fantastic.

Enjoy. And watch more Guitar Moves. I saw he did one with Dan from the Black Keys and Josh from Queens of the Stone Age.

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