Sunday, June 23, 2013

New Countdown: Hello? Hello? Anybody home?

New Politics
Well, here I am! Haha. Yeah, the time got the best of me this week, but, when you think about it, being a couple of hours late is nothing when you think about the perpetuity of the life of the podcast after it's published. I listen to a podcast where the host has kind of a running gag where he tries to keep the content timeless, so he'll say stuff like "back in early 2013" for stuff that happened a couple of months ago.

Anyways. It's kind of a short episode, also due to the fact that I picked the worst times to record, BUT it also contains what may be the most adorable intro ever. So you may want to give it a chance :)

Countdown #156

Beastie Boys
Capital Cities
Ed Sheeran
Fall Out Boy
Imagine Dragons
The Neighbourhood
New Politics
Of Monsters and Men
Thirty Seconds to Mars

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