Saturday, December 1, 2012

December 2012 Media Update

I'm typing this in Brookline, Massachusetts where we are visiting my Dad and Stepmom and showing off our awesome daughter, etc. But it's December 1st and I haven't forgotten all you Media Updateheads out there!

Last Song/MP3 I listened to: We were listening to some of the songs on the Festive Fifty that I'm putting together. So, the last song I listened to was with my Dad and Stepmom before they walked me back to where we're staying and it was "Hold On" by Alabama Shakes from the AMAZING Boys & Girls album. Seriously, this is a band to check out!

Last TV show I watched: This morning, my daughter and I were watching Disney Junior while we waited for my folks to arrive and so the last tv show I watched was definitely an episode of Doc McStuffins. Cute show. Kind of Toy Story-y, but with a human in on the secret.

Last Movie I watched: The FIRST thing that we watched on tv this morning was the end of Lady and the Tramp and that's the only movie I've watched in some time, actually. So we'll count it. Very enjoyable movie. Plus lots of dogs for my daughter to adore :)

Last Written Work I read: Haha this is a very Lila-centric post this month, isn't it? The very last written work I read was her first book in the Wrapped-Book-a-Day Advent thing (it's not a calendar, it's a basket) that my mom sent her. Very cool and very thoughtful. It was a book called Little Quack's ABC's and it was pretty enjoyable except for one of Little Quack's siblings was named Piddle. And that's not cool, Mama Duck.

I guess I'll do a wrap up at the end of the month/year in some way, shape, or form.

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