Monday, September 12, 2016

Podcast Episode of the Week (9/4-9/10/2016)

I've decided to try to do more with the podcasts I listen to each week, so here's something that I thought I might do. I'm going to keep track of the episodes I listen to each week and then on Sunday or Monday, publish a post talking about the most memorable one (or one of the most memorable. There's not, like, one winner and a bunch of losers).

So this week I listened to 11 podcast episodes:
Three episodes of The Great Albums,
one episode of Paste Magazine's The Archive,
two episodes of the Magic: The Gathering podcast Limited Resources,
one episode of the EXCELLENT true-crime podcast My Favorite Murder,
two episodes of Harry Potter and the Sacred Text,
one episode of Billboard's Pop Shop podcast,
and one episode of one of my own podcasts, Unabashedly Obsessed. That's right. I listen to my own shows.

And probably the most memorable of them was the episode of The Great Albums about Foo Fighters self-titled debut album.

I really thought there was some cool insight into what it was like to witness the dawning and birth of this band via Eddie Vedder's Self-Pollution Radio (a pirate radio broadcast that I am DEFINITELY going to track down on YouTube) and it was interesting to hear Bill and guest Jim Hanke discuss what makes the album great but also what on the album ISN'T great.

It's a great episode of a great podcast about Great Albums! So go check it out!

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