Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Podcast Episode of the Week (9/18-9/25/2016)

Good grief! I listened to 19 podcasts last week! They were:

3 Limited Resources
2 Switched on Pop
2 Sawbones
2 Still Buffering
2 Harry Potter and the Sacred Text
1 Unabashedly Obsessed
1 The Adventure Zone
1 The Great Albums
1 My Favorite Murder
1 Star Wars Minute
1 Wings: The Podcast
1 Pop Shop
1 New Yorker Radio Hour
1 special edition of My Brother, My Brother and Me called My Sister-in-Law, My Sister-in-Law, and Me

I would say that the most memorable podcast of the week was My Sister-in-Law, My Sister-in-Law, and Me.

This was a special edition of what is affectionately know to fans as MBMBAM (muh-bim-bam) featuring the wives of the three hosts of the normal show, the McElroy brothers. It was interesting to hear them tackle the format of the show (which is a pseudo-advice show) and to hear their personalities come through. I know one of the wives, Sydnee, from Still Buffering and Sawbones, so it was nice to have that landmark to navigate by.

Runners up this week were the episode of Harry Potter and the Sacred Text that covered Chapter 6 from the perspective of Expectations, and the Limited Resources Set Review of the Common and Uncommon cards in the new Magic: The Gathering set. It was an eclectic week!

I don't think you can hear MSLMSLAM (muh-slim-slam) unless you are a supporter of the Maximum Fun network. A guy that listens to Unabashedly Obsessed sent it to me along with some other exclusive episodes of shows. Thanks again, Matt!

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