Thursday, October 1, 2015

October 2015 Media Update

How can it be October already?? The year is flying by, you guys. TV is back in full swing. My oldest is finishing her 3rd week of Pre-K. The leaves are going to start turning in earnest very soon. It's crazy how quickly Fall becomes Winter.

Last Thing I Watched: Well, I knew that this was coming up, so I made sure I noted what show I was watching when it struck midnight. I have my hands full of shows to watch, so I wasn't at a loss for things to include in this category.

I happened to be watching the second episode of the second season of a show called Scorpion. It's about a group of certified geniuses who save the world. It can be pretty silly and it doesn't get a lot of love on the internet, but I really enjoy watching it, and I think that that's good enough!

The episode was called "Cuba Libre" and involved the gang going to Cuba to track down a war criminal. Solid episode

Last Thing I Read: I'm reading a book called Personal Days which is sort of like maybe if you wrote an episode of The Office in prose form, but you wanted it to appear in The New Yorker. It's fun. But the weird thing is the narrative voice it's written in. It's almost, like, collective 1st person? The narrator says "we" and "us", but the narrator isn't one particular person, so there will also be "he" and "she". It's very odd to wrap my brain around. Especially for such a light read.

Last Thing I Listened To: The last song I listened to was a new song by Walk the Moon called "Different Colors" and I really like it a lot. I really like the whole Talking is Hard album. These guys are having a pretty terrific year!

Things I'm Seeing on the Internet: Lots of news items. There have been flash floods in our area the past couple days, including the college I went to being quite a bit more underwater than it ever was when I was there.

We also had a supermoon full lunar eclipse on Sunday, so there were lots of pictures of that.

Plus, the Pope was here this week! I know that the Catholic church has issues. And I maybe have some issues with organized religion in general. But this Pope seems like a solid dude.

When we next meet, my whole family and I will have been to DisneyWorld! Have a great month!

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