Thursday, August 20, 2015

Throwback Thursday: 1964

 This is the final Beatles album on our Throwback Thursdays. It's the last in the "The Beatles had #1 Albums 5 summers in a row" series as well as finishing up the "Albums that the Beatles released in America had different tracklistings than those released in the UK." series

This time, I think the tracks that are on the US version are instrumentals that weren't found on the UK releases. The instrumentals are....interesting.

1. A Hard Day's Night

2. Tell Me Why
3. I'll Cry Instead
4. I Should Have Known Better (Instrumental)
5. I'm Happy Just to Dance With You
6. And I Love Her (Instrumental)
7. I Should Have Known Better
8. If I Fell
9. And I Love Her
10. Ringo's Theme (This Boy ) (Instrumental)
11. Can't Buy Me Love
12. A Hard Day's Night (Instrumental)

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