Wednesday, October 12, 2011

New Countdown that you NEED to hear....too pushy?

Ok, maybe NEED is a little strong, but I've realized that strong, forceful advertising is important in this workaday world.

Have you seen any ads for Dr Pepper TEN? It's for men. And it's ridiculous, you guys. How is ten calories any more manly (or "bold") than all the calories of a regular Dr Pepper? If you're wanting a Dr Pepper but don't want all the calories, just go ahead and drink a regular Diet Dr Pepper. Ok. I'll stop. But if you want to get me riled up, bring this topic up and watch me foam at the mouth! Now THAT'S bold!


Countdown #74 (With 11 Bold songs)

Foo Fighters
Foster the People
Jane's Addiction
The Joy Formidable
Red Hot Chili Peppers
Rise Against
Young the Giant

1 comment:

The Future said...

Okay, I just got to the number two position and heard your amazing offer for a cd. I'd like both the ones you describe. This is a great podcast, but you were taking a big risk waiting to the very end of it to make your offer!!! I bet a surprising number of people made it through part of the countdown. Also, I love the reading aloud of the lyrics--especially important for "pumped up kicks"!