Monday, May 4, 2009

Yet another reason I love Radiohead.

So, I'm listening to my songs that begin with L in alphabetical order (as part of my quest to do my entire library that way) and Radiohead's "Like Spinning Plates" comes on. Now, I know that it's composed from the song "I Will" which would be released later on Hail to the Thief being played backwards, but I couldn't think of that at the time. So I'm looking at the information about it and well, let me paste in what I read that gave me goosebumps of thrilledness!

[There's a line in the song about "living in Cloud-Cuckoo-land]
"The hidden booklet found underneath the CD tray of Kid A has a page that references the above lyrics, 'Cloud cuckoo land'."


Sure enough, I go to my copy of Kid A (which conveniently happens to be within arm's reach of where I sit) and pry open the CD tray. There it is. Lying there like a hidden treasure that has been waiting nine years for me to discover it. It's a booklet full of weird Radiohead-y goodness and I am just so happy :)


jesse said...



Tricia said...

That is so cool!

Andy said...

I heart Radiohead

Greer said...

At the risk of sounding like a total girl, I've been trying to pry that tray open since I first read this and I can't do it!

James! said...

Ok, Greer. You don't sound like a total girl. I thought I was surely going to break my case in half.

What I'd suggest is:

1) Pull the CD out of the tray.
2) Begin to bend the tray, pushing from the back of the case, while holding down the lower right corner. This should separate the tray enough to get a finger (or girly fingernail ;-)) under and GENTLY pull it up, opening the corner where your finger is, then the upper right corner
3) The tray will open like a page in a book.

Let me know how this goes. If it still doesn't work, let me know and I'll give you the contingency plan (be sure to have your hammer ready!)

Greer said...

OK, thank you for the excellent advice, it worked, I got it open and... no booklet!! I think I bought it used so I guess the previous owner got there first.

Now, about the lid on this new jar of jam... :).

James! said...

Greer! Oh no! Well, come on out to VA and not only will I show you the booklet, but I will happily open that jar of jam for you! Interestingly enough, the contingency plan for the jar of jam is the same as the contingency plan for the CD tray.

Also, my wife would probably volunteer to take your kids off of your hands for a while. You could come with Andy (from Circles of Concrete) and me to The Decemberists show on June 5th!

Greer said...

That would be so cool!

It's going to be a while yet before I get out to any shows, so I'll look forward to a detailed review from you guys.