Monday, August 1, 2016

Artist of the Month: August 2016: The White Stripes

So we're kicking this thing off with a bang! If you didn't listen to whichever countdown it was where I talked about it (maybe 304?), I'm going to listen to every studio album AND live album that they put out this month and I'm also going to make sure I listen to at least one White Stripes song a day. Oh and I think one of the bonus songs from each countdown in August will be a White Stripes song.

I got them from hitting Shuffle Songs. The Under Great Northern Lights version of "We Are Going to Be Friends" came on and that was that! I'm looking forward to hearing some of the older stuff that I haven't explored before.

I will attempt to do a monthly wrap-up post, as well. It's looking very Red and White for me this month! :)

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