Thursday, April 28, 2016

Throwback Thursday: 1993 (2 Weeks at #1)

Janet Jackson "Again" (12/11-12/18)

Janet Jackson is the queen of this segment recently. Seriously, if she's not on a week of Throwback Thursday, it's a surprise to me. I don't think all of the weeks have been published yet, but watch this space especially if you're a Janet Jackson fan. This song is apparently from the movie Poetic Justice although it might also have been from janet. It's a pretty great song.

SWV "Weak" (7/10-7/17)

Another in the long tradition of hits by r&b trios. I don't remember the name of the other group that was on here a couple of weeks ago, but I remember I said something like "From The Supremes through Destiny's Child or TLC..." and this song reminded me of that too.

Silk "Freak Me" (5/1-5/8)

Yep. This song is just what you'd think it would be.

There's another tradition here of groups of 4 or 5 male vocalists that is as old as the female trios, if not older!

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