Thursday, January 14, 2016

Throwback Thursday: 1998 (1 Week at #1)

A whopping THREE songs hit #1 for just one week in 1998. And I am VERY familiar with one of them. Enjoy the eclectic mix today!

Divine - Lately (11/28)

I don't know this one from the title, but now that it's playing, I suppose it kind of rings a bell. Maybe? I guess Divine were trying to fill the space between TLC and Destiny's Child? This song is pretty catchy. I like it!

Barenaked Ladies - One Week (10/17)

Winning the award for most appropriate title of a song for this feature, we have the song that really busted BNL into the mainstream. It was their first and only #1 and one of two Top 40 hits for the band (the other was "Pinch Me" a couple of years later.)

Mariah Carey - My All (5/23)

I don't know this Mariah Carey song, I don't think. I pretty much lost track of her until 2005 after "Honey" which was the single directly before this one. And actually, listening to the chorus, this sounds vaguely familiar. You know, I do tend to like MC songs.

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