Sunday, November 1, 2015

November 2015 Media Update

Coming in a little late on this one, but we've been preparing for the week and last night was, of course, Halloween. Fortunately, this month was really easy!

Last Thing I Watched: We watched a very enjoyable, non-Treehouse of Horror, Simpsons Halloween episode last night called "Halloween of Horror" and it was very enjoyable!

Last Thing I Read: I'm finishing up It which has felt very appropriate for the Halloween season. I love Stephen King books so much. More than being scary, I find them often quite touching. Tales about friends banding together and fighting evil. Really works for me. This book has been a lot of that!

Last Thing I Listened To: We had Pandora on while we were looking at Disney pictures that we want to put in a photo album. I made sure to note what was playing at midnight and it was this soul classic. You GOTTA love this song.

Things I'm Seeing on the Internet: Tons of Halloween pics, of course. I love seeing everyone's ideas. And, the image that I posted is one I found on Reddit from the 1890's. It's a costume design that I'm still seeing around these days. And then there are the more typical old Halloween costumes like the one from 1911 posted below. Basically terrifying.

Also terrifying and on the horizon...Election Day is this month. On Tuesday, in fact!

Have a great month, you guys!

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