Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Countin' 'Em Down Again!

Here's this week's countdown (better late than never, right?) Enjoy!

Also, send in some dedications! Or send me some thoughts on the songs on the countdown. Do you like one? Do you hate one? Do you like all of 'em? Hate all of 'em?

Countdown #2

1 comment:

Mess Kit said...

I love the count down! Mountain Man has that gritty 1972-sound with a 2010 nerve. I love the retro gay 80's synthesizer eerie beauty of Muse in Resistance. Muse speaks to me. My main criterium for accepting new music into my long list of music loves is -- can I make art to it? The answer to this top ten is...YES!
Amazing work, Mr. Distraction!
Mess Kit