Sunday, February 1, 2009

When I win the Lottery

1. I will quit the job that I have tolerated because it provides a paycheck and experience that I can hopefully use elsewhere. Screw that. I'm going to live off my luck for a little bit.

2. I will tell my wife that she absolutely has the option to also quit her job. She may not take me up on it, though. I think she gets a lot more intangible rewards from her job.

3. Give some of the money to my Father-in-Law to invest. I know that lottery money isn't there forever. I understand that. So maybe he can help me perpetuate it a little.

4. Travel. I'm going to do some extensive travelling. Both inside and outside America. There are lots of places I've never been to and there are lots of places that I want to go back to. Maybe I can also do a CP Nation visiting trip! It could be like The Muppet Movie. Whoever wanted to join the journey would be more than welcome. All they'd need to bring would be a good Road Trip Mix. Because, let's face it, even the wealthiest person in the world can't hear everything. Some things are beyond wealth and I think musical exploration is one of those. Ok. So maybe The CP Nation Muppet-Movie-Style Visitation Road Trip should be #5

5. The CP Nation Muppet-Movie-Style Visitation Road Trip.

6. After I've gotten my fill of travel, we'll settle down and get started on having little ADD babies running around un-alphabetizing my CD's. And while we do that...

7. I'M GONNA START A RADIO STATION. This would be an absolute dream come true. I don't think I'd mess with the FCC so it would be an Internet Radio station. That means all you beautiful people could do some DJ work if you wanted. :) Who's in? What's your show on the radio station gonna be? Also, on the radio station, I'm going to buy the broadcast rights to the Casey Kasem American Top 40 countdowns and maybe the Festive Fifties. I think it would be so fun to broadcast some old countdowns like that.

I know that winning the lottery is basically impossible and that "the lottery is a tax for people who are bad at math" but it's fun sometimes to fantasize. :)


Greer said...

keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for the stars...

The radio station is a great idea, but I know if I won the lottery I would travel a lot too and then open a little bookstore somewhere.

Concrete Circles said...

I'm totally on board with the CP Nation Muppet-Movie-Style Visitation Road Trip. Although it would include air and possibly boat as well.

Anonymous said...

Or maybe submarine!

James! said...

Greer - Would it be the kind of bookstore that only the people "in the know" would know about?

Andy - Ok, but you're going to need to supply the celebrity cameos...

Adam - Did you put a bid on that flat in Atlantis?

Anonymous said...

"Movin' right along..."

I loved your post. It was a beam of sunshine for my day. Fantasy is a great thing sometimes.

I'll start working on one of your road/boat/sub/plane trip mixes. You'll definitely need more than one for the CP Nation visits.

And count me in for guest spots on your radio show. That would be fun!

James! said...

Tricia - I'm so glad you enjoyed the post. I enjoyed writing it. It was very cathartic.

Are you going to make multiple mixes for each transportation contigency? Or are you going to make a sort of "Universal Travel Mix"?