Thursday, December 15, 2011

Guest Review of Countdown Tracks! (Episode 3)

And so we find ourselves with another guest review! This time, it's by the illustrious and delightful Tricia from I Sing in the Kitchen: A blog where she showcases musical treats and delicious eats! 9 times out of 10, I'm drooling by the end of her posts. It's a great site. Check it out.

We're still hoping to get Betsy's review of the tracks Erin reviewed in Episode 2. I'm not worried about her reviewing old songs. The point is not keeping up to date. The point is getting fresh perspectives on songs we listen to!

You can find the tracks she talks about on my podcasts starting on Episode 66. And there are still songs on the countdown I'll record this week! As always, if you would like to listen to an old episode that is no longer available to download, let me know and I'll hook you up!

Tricia's Guest Review
The Black Keys-Lonely Boy

What you get from this song is rocking fun. It is exactly the uptempo mess of music that
made The Black Keysʼ album ʻBrothersʼ one of my favorite albums of 2010.


Blink 182-Up All Night

Up All Night takes off with an Edgar Winterish Frankenstein vibe.

Epic drums, indie rock and roll. A wall of jam-out sound.

“Do you want me here?” Thatʼs my favorite part for its calmer feel.

Bush-The Sound Of Winter

Here we have more of that typical post-grunge sound not unlike the Blink 182 track.

Unlikely love songs, such as this one, always make me smile. The music points more to
a night of billiards in a smoky bar than a guy declaring that “Iʼll be with you until the


It is only in the past year that I have become a fan of Coldplay. My son played Clocks at
his piano recital and I was sold.

Coldplayʼs music is catchy, if not completely predictable. Honestly, if you donʼt pay close
enough attention, a whole busload of Coldplay songs could come on in a row before
you look up and say “Oh, listen to that. Itʼs Coldplay.” Again, the music is good, but not
ʻstop you in your tracks listen modeʼ.

And, what do you know? Another song with a prominent “Whoa-oh-oh”.

Foster The People-Helena Beat

It appears that we are now leaving indie land and heading to the dance lounge. This
song is cosmo in one hand, Jon Hamm looking dude in the other. You would clap along,
but you donʼt want to spill your drink.

I can see a Macarena type dance getting made to go along with Helena Beat.

Janeʼs Addiction-Irresistable Force

Arryhthmic rhythms, like in this song, are so cool. I love the bass line and the irresistible
hook, too.

You know, there is almost a “Whoa-oh-oh” in there.

“Banging and banging and banging”. Sounds like Janeʼs Addiction still has the magic

The Joy Formidable-Whirring

From the opening notes of ʻWhirringʼ you expect it to morph into ʻLiving In Colourʼ by
Frightened Rabbit.

The insistent drums are excellent.

The way that the music drags on at the end of the song isnʼt really my thing. I tend to
like a cleaner finish. However, that said, I can understand how this frenetic build up
appeals to some music fans especially when seeing the band live.

Mumford & Sons-Roll Away Your Stone

I love every song on the album ʻSigh No Moreʼ, this song being no exception.

That banjo! Lead singer Marcus Mumfordʼs voice. Lyrics so full of passion and vivid

I really enjoy the slowing down and speeding up that occurs throughout Roll Away Your
Stone, culminating in the final round of “Stone”. My feet canʼt tap any harder.

Red Hot Chili Peppers-The Adventures Of Rain Dance Maggie

I love this hazy-gazey tune.

I want to press myself against a full body speaker and let that bass course through me.

Hey Now, catchy, cool.

“I want to rock this body proud.”

Rise Against-Make It Stop (September's Children)

Even more “Whoa-oh-ohs”!

This is a ʻuse your cell phone flashlight in a cigarette lighter kind of wayʼ song.

I envision college age boys listening to Make It Stop while playing beer pong or shining
up the skateboard.

Switchfoot-Dark Horses

See comments for the previous song and replace “Whoa-oh-ohs” with “La la las”.

Young The Giant-Cough Syrup

I canʼt even believe it--More “Whoa-oh-ohs”!

I love this song.

“Lifeʼs too short to even care at all”.

Light, poppy, infectious.


311-Sunset In July

Yes, please.

I will take this song to an expensive restaurant and then out for drinks. That is how
much I like it.

I adore the drum/guitar interplay.

Now, you must be kidding me. Is that a “Whoa-oh-oh” I hear?

End of Review

Thanks Tricia! It's so great to hear people's writing styles mirror the way they speak and think about things! Tricia noticed that a lot of the songs had "Whoa-oh" in them. Here's a song by NOFX about that:

NOFX - Whoa on the Whoas from 45 or 46 Songs That Weren't Good Enough To Go On Our Other Records


Greer said...

Read this the other day and I loved Tricia's commentary on the songs. Too cute - such a great idea.

I hope you have a very Merry Christmas with your beautiful baby and the mrs, James.

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Thanks Greer! You should check out the other guest review posts!

And I'd love to have you do the next one! Interested? ;)